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Industry Insights Placemats

Millennials - Future of Retail Placemat The Emerging Shopping Powerhouse - Future of US retail and CPG executive discussion – 2015 -2030 July 2018
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Digital Engagement

The next generation of cost effective and efficient shopper marketing is grounded in seamless and relevant contact strategies and capabilities …
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Experiential Retailing

The new shopper is all about both meeting and exceeding experiences. With the increasing use of mobile technologies, the new shopping experience begins with digital discovery -- anytime, anywhere...
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Personalized Retailing

The next evolution of retail as we know it. Two key factors have changed the game at retail -- digital and mobile technology coupled with an increasingly convenience driven shopper...
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National Consumer Panel

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CEO Roundtable Discussions

On a semiannual basis the Dialogic Group meets with over 75 CEO's from both retailers and CPG manufacturers to discuss the pressing issues for the industry at a given point in time as well as into the future. Conversations about "Where is the growth?' conversations about "What does the future look like?" convesations about "What…
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