Presentations – Executive Teams

CEO’s and their leadership teams are facing increasingly complex challenges in growing their businesses.  The industry disruption at both Retail and CPG is at record levels of acquisition, merger, and divestiture transactions. The majority Consumers are increasingly financially challenged with over 70% of America now being classified as “Survivalists” (highly limited disposable incomes).  They increasingly buy only what they can afford week to week.  The other 30% are “selectionists”, who are increasingly concerned about their financial future and are spending more carefully than ever before.

In more than 100 varied Retail and CPG manufacturers’ boardrooms, executive team meetings, and personal executive briefings, each year, Thom presents a dynamic perspective on the future of both the Retail and CPG landscapes. He presents the arguments of change, the arguments of disruption, and key insights that encourage manufacturers to consider how to plan and execute strategies and capabilities in order to compete during the coming years 2016 to 2025.

As a "plain-speaking futurist," he also generates debate on provocative questions:

  • • How are consumer behaviors changing?
  • • What are the key driving forces most likely to disrupt the competitive landscape?
  • • How is advancing technology likely to transform go-to-market strategies and capabilities?
  • • What will the next-generation Retail and CPG organization look and act like?
  • • What is the most likely new operating model?
  • • And what are the “leading practices and priorities” both Retailers and CPG manufacturers are using to shore up ongoing competitive differentiation and success?


With the realities of the Retail and CPG industries in a continuing stage of structural change and/or disruption, Thom helps both industries identify the people, process, and technology capabilities needed to chart increasing growth and profitability.

The executive presentations typically last 90 minutes to 2 hours in a highly interactive format, filled with opportunities for both the C-level executives and their teams to discuss along with Thom how to compete more effectively in both today's and tomorrow's world.