Presentations -Industry Groups and Organizations

Thom Blischok is an internationally renowned speaker whose plain style of talking captivates audiences of 200 to 5,000 with the fascinating facts and realities of today's global markets and their inexorably advancing impact on the retail and CPG landscapes of the future.  The discussion Thom centers on, titled, "The Future of Retail 2016-2025"  is a compelling story about the transformation of retailing as we have known it into what is rapidly becoming the next generation, in which consumers will all shop seamlessly, using bricks and mortar, clicks and mortar, just clicks, or maybe even just their thoughts and gestures going forward.

Thom also discusses the new consumer economic landscape, in which "urbanism" is a reality, and careful spending has become the standard, as 54% of Americans will continue to earn less than $30,000 a year, and 67% of Americans won't have even $500 on hand to make a car payment on a monthly basis. These facts present tremendous challenges to an industry facing a future where the new norm is "cautious spending" in a very turbulent economic world.

During these industry presentations Thom delves deeply into what drives the consumer, the changing retail landscape, the role of digital, and how these factors are creating what will prove to be the most the most disruptive retailing environment in the past fifty years.

However, even with the ongoing industry disruption, the opportunity for growth is significant, as new innovative formats, new strategic alliances, and new ways to do business globally will all emerge as retail continues to be a powerhouse industry.

He challenges and provokes the audience to envision a future in which technology will be the single greatest enabler of change, including such innovations as driverless cars making home deliveries, 3D and 4D printing designed to drive multiple levels of consumer behaviors, the advent of all manner of automated appliances that interface clearly with stores all by themselves, and even the rapid adoption of home and office robots.

But even as Thom's audiences are challenged, they are also inspired to innovate, generate new ideas and solve problems, leaving every presentation smiling, uplifted, and excited to create a better tomorrow.