Retail of the Future

The Future of Retail 2016-2025" is a compelling story of the evolution of retail and CPG as we see it, a presentation which highlights the fundamental transformation of the traditional consumer to the digital consumer, understanding the ways they behave in both pre-shopping and shopping itself, and the role that the various channels will play in their future lifestyles. "The Future of Retail" talks a lot about how the channels will shift, where people will buy, where they will not buy, and what the roles are and will be for each of the existing channels.

For example, what will the role of the grocery store look like in 2025? How will home delivery influence shopping behaviors? What will intelligent appliances look like and how will they interact on a daily basis with changing shopper needs? How and where will products be manufactured, and what will the role of 3G and 4G printing likely be in the home? We often hear about robots. How will robots play a role in the future consumer CPG and retail experience? And maybe more importantly, what role will drones play? Or driverless cars making home deliveries?

We are now in the most cataclysmic shift in retailing and CPG that we have seen since the 1950's, when we first saw the explosion of retailing as it is today. Terms like localization, personalization, individualizing the offer, individualizing the store, and experiential based retailing are all key trends which are evolving today, and will become a continuing reality as we go forward.

When we look at technologies for tomorrow in retailing, we see capabilities like virtual reality, in-store navigation, apps which actually help you shop from your smart phone and help you decide where to go, rather than having you do the hard work. And finally we see that retail will actually come to your home by allowing you to manufacture products right in your home using a whole new range of appliances, including 3G and 4G digital printers.

The world of retailing and CPG manufacturing will be global, in which, by 2025, 15% of your products will come from global sources, delivered to your home daily. And we'll see technologies, applications, and appliances change the way you pre-purchase, purchase and consume, and eventually respond to the market.

Retailing 2016 to 2025" is a journey into what the future of the industry will be.