Who Are We?

Business woman pretty with colleagues discussing

We are Futurists who continually envision and present the "Future of Retail" to our clients.

We are Experts at helping retailers and CPG manufacturers understand how to think about growth and profitability, and operating model strategies, not from where they are today, but from where they will need to be in the future, and driving them forward to develop the tactics needed to implement those strategies.

We are Researchers who work from a wealth of data collected weekly from nearly 4,000 American stores; a 3,000 American household network that is a cross section of age, income, and ethnicity; an annual program of literally hundreds of in-field store visits; and our own extensive network of retail and CPG executives whose pulse we take every 6 months to determine their goals, priorities and concerns.

And we are Professional Practioners, constantly identifying and validating the key trends that we believe will mostly likely be driving the future of retail in the near term as well as the next 15 years, and helping retailers and manufacturers understand both the changing consumer and competitive landscape, along with the mandate for the capabilities needed to continually improve their business models.