Why Us?

The Dialogic Group is composed of experienced professionals in the retail and CPG industries who understand the challenges of industry transformation in today's "sea change" retailing and CPG environment. Our clients choose us for our superior industry knowledge, our past successes in advising and guiding both retail and CPG organizations, and our well documented ability to help these organizations envision the future and react to it before it occurs.

Our history of achievements includes:

  •  Transforming the merchandising organizations of both the world's largest retailer as well as a number of other retailers cross multiple channels
  •  Providing guidance to a large number of CEO’s at both Retail and CPG on both growing and competing in today’s increasingly complex economic environment
  •  Assisting in the redesign of the sales forces for several of the world's largest CPG manufacturers
  •  Guiding multiple retail organizations in the redesign and/or innovation of their customer loyalty programs
  •  Helping to design, develop and implement highly innovative merchandising programs for a variety of retailers
  •  Developing new strategies to help all our clients compete more effectively and more profitably in a tumultuous operating environment